Every moment creates its own icon.

Passion and the pursuit of perfection are drivers of FORWARDISM.

For over 100 years, the same spirit defines what it means to be the best and to constantly strive for more.

Just like the all-new electric BMW i7, an icon that takes many form, but above all, is a leap into the progressive luxury of tomorrow.

It is our pleasure to invite you to experience FORWARDISM in The Art of Driving.

A golf event platform reserved exclusively for those who drive the world.

Forwardism is for those, with the collective mindset to shape what’s next.
For those, committed to tomorrow, restlessly striving for more.
For those who believe in the merits of progress.
Who believe to move is to grow.
Not only enriching themselves but enriching those around them.
For those with progressiveness as their natural state.


We appreciate and welcome our growing list of partners.